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Fertilization is the process of providing plants with the essential elements (nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium) that they need to sustain life. Rich Deal is a fertilizer supplier and distributor dedicated to helping farmers earn more from their land.

Alfalfa Hay

Due to its higher relative feed value, it is considered the best forage. It is an excellent feed for dairy cattle due to its exceptional roughage values and extremely high crude protein content (between 15% and 23%). Alfalfa can also contain a lot of essential minerals like calcium and phosphorus. Milk production per cow, milk protein and fat content, and dairy animal health can all be enhanced by the combination of these factors.


Alfalfa is well-suited for all kinds of forage-consuming livestock, including horses, sheep, goats, and beef cattle.

Irrigation Systems

& Tubes

 We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and the excellent service we provide. We can offer you a range of irrigation tubes suitable for any project. Our selection includes PVC, PE, HDPE and PEX, which can be used in ground or surface applications.

Agriculture commodity

Agriculture commodities frequently see an unpredictable swing in costs driven by market interest inside global business sectors. Together with you, the supplier, we might have suggestions for boosting overall quality and minimizing damage. We can safeguard our investments, supply commodity volumes, and endure market volatility by cooperating.


For each purchase, a contract with a description, quantities, terms, and agreed-upon pricing is created. The agreement also keeps track of fulfillments, estimated values, and outstanding balances moving forward.

Raw Materials

We have established ourselves as a leading specialist in the trading and supply of raw materials, commodities and manufacturing items to both the domestic and international markets.


Aromatic plants are necessary for the production of various international cuisines, pesticides, medicines, and perfumes.

Rich Deal recognized the significance of the climate zones in Sudan where aromatic plants are widely grown because of their significance.

with numerous varieties of tropical, semi-desert, and desert plants. Rich Deal has numerous applications for all relevant industries. Sudan is home to a wide variety of aromatic plants that are grown there because of its tropical climate.

Rich Deal has the expertise and experience necessary to deliver the finest aromatic plants in their purest form.

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Rich deal has built a strong reputation in the market through the efficient execution of trading transactions, quick delivery times and strong knowledge of local markets. 

We will continue to be active leaders expanding into new markets as well as positively contribute to the markets in which we operate in.

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